Why Choose a Vintage Engagement Ring?


To some the appeal of a vintage engagement ring comes without question! The allure and romance of an Art Deco ring or piece of Victorian history to celebrate such a special occasion is plain to see, but if we look a little deeper through the surface we can find many other reasons as to why choosing a vintage engagement ring is such a good idea.


Did you know that hundreds of thousands of tonnes of earth are minded every year for the production of new precious metals and gemstones? Most of these mining sites are in poorly developed countries where land is sold off to large developers, often there is no restriction or limits to the mining that can take place. Delicate eco-systems and the habitats of vulnerable wildlife species are often destroyed, taking endangered species of plants and animals with them.
Further more, the exploitation of local communities near to these mining sites is often the case, with little pay and long hours for the workers. 
By choosing a vintage ring you are preventing further mining and exploitation of both the land and people. Now we can’t promise a vintage rings history is 100% ethical or eco-friendly but going forward we can prevent further damage, the purchase of vintage pieces and gems that are already here means we can reuse and recycle.

A vintage engagement ring is a totally one-off piece, how amazing to know that you’re the only one in the world with that ring?! Each piece was made by hand by a small number of skilled goldsmiths to suit the style of the period and the individual gemstones available. Long before mass production was a thing, only small quantities of jewellery were produced and each piece painstakingly crafted by hand. Often vintage designs are so much more detailed than their modern counterparts, with engraving, beading and intricate elements.


Vintage gemstones were cut by hand, every facet was shaped by a gemstone cutter and then individually polished. Following the contours of the rough stone, vintage diamonds and gemstones have a totally unique look which is not mimicked in modern stone cutting. The character and sparkle from a vintage gem is totally unrivalled. 


In more ways than one, buying a vintage ring doesn’t have to cost the earth. Vintage jewellery offers so much more value for money, like for like the cost of a vintage engagement ring is far less than that of its new counterpart. A simple search reveals that the RRP for a new 1 Carat Brilliant Cut Diamond solitaire of similar colour and clarity from a high street chain is £10,000 compared to an original 1920s ring where the average price is around £6000.

So if you’re looking for an engagement ring, consider vintage, for a unique, world saving and rare piece of history. Who knew by choosing something so small we could make so much difference?!

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