The Old Mine Cut Diamond

What makes Old Mine Cut Diamonds so special?
Old Mine Cut Diamonds are a rare and unique cut of Diamond that were first seen in the early 1700s. A predecessor of the modern Brilliant Cut Diamond, this style of cutting was developed as techniques progressed and cutters were experimenting whilst trying to get maximum sparkle out of the stones. Each stone was cut by hand and the cutter would painstakingly grind one Diamond against another until the Diamond was faceted ready for polishing.
Each Old Mine Cut Diamond is one of a kind, following the shape and form of the rough stone with a high crown and wide facets. Unlike modern Diamonds which are cut as close as possible to the ‘ideal’ standard. These antique stones have so much more character, uniqueness and charm and are a rare find. Many older Diamonds are being re-cut to form more modern Brilliant Cut stones meaning many of these historic cuts are lost forever. 
We currently have the most stunning loose Old Mine Cut Diamond available here: 1.06 Carat Old Mine Cut Diamond 
This can be mounted in your choice of setting and would make a totally unique piece of jewellery that's rich in jewellery history. Feel free to get in touch for more information.