Sourcing Vintage

One question we are often asked is where do we find our vintage rings? So we thought what better way to offer you some insider knowledge than to give you an insight into how we source our vintage pieces. We search high and low to bring you original vintage engagement rings and jewellery, here are just a few of the main resources we use.
Melissa's keen eye for design and quality is where the search begins, using over a decade of experience and knowledge she can quickly spot a potential piece that would fit into the style and ethos of Holts Jewellery. Keeping the Holts customer in mind and knowing their tastes is also key.
Vintage and Antique markets can be a great place for us to search, an early start often ensues to be sure to find the best offerings before anyone else. Throughout the UK vintage and antique markets are held regularly and we'll often be out at the weekends travelling to fairs. We have a few favourite places to try, including locally in the South West and also in London. Often stall holders will sell a piece 'as seen' so it's important to know what you're looking at, many antique pieces aren't hallmarked but we can often tell just by looking and weighing a ring what the metal is. Diamonds and Gemstones are also usually sold without guarantee or certificate so it's also important to be able to tell the real thing from a fake or man made stone. This is where experience and knowledge really come into play.
Auctions are another of our go-to sources for vintage finds, searching through auction catalogues can be time consuming and we sometimes travel when possible to view a piece in person. Again many pieces are sold 'as seen' so knowledge really is key.
Our trade contacts are a great port of call, we have a few select antique dealers and contacts that we trust and use. Often they will get in touch if they think they have a piece we might be interested in, they know the style of jewellery we like and having first dibs on these pieces is a great resource.
After sourcing, each of our pieces are checked over, serviced and made ready for sale. The uniqueness and quality of vintage is something we love, and to be able to keep these pieces of history alive is a real privilege. 
If you'd like us to source you a particular style or piece of jewellery please get in touch. The perfect piece might just be waiting for you.