Caring for your jewellery

Did you know one of the most frequent questions we get asked is how to care for your jewellery, especially when it comes to antique and vintage pieces. 

Caring for your jewellery

Even though jewellery is often made from some of the strongest materials, it doesn't mean it shouldn't be treated with care and isn't susceptible to damage. When antique jewellery was made, some of it over 100 years ago, the lifestyles of the wearer would have been very different to today and jewellery would have been worn by those without manual jobs or daily tasks like housework to do, and mostly for special occasions! So in order to stand up to the demands of modern day living, jewellery will need to be worn with care and precautions to keep it looking its best.

We advise following the guidelines below:

  • Keep jewellery away from moisture and remove before entering water
  • Apply perfumes and lotions before wearing your jewellery
  • Remove jewellery when sleeping
  • Remove jewellery when doing strenuous activity i.e gardening, working out and housework

Cleaning your jewellery 

Keeping your jewellery looking clean and sparkly is actually a lot easier than you think! We recommend using a soft bristled tooth brush, some warm water and a gentle washing up liquid. Often dirt and debris can gather at the back of the setting, so it's a good idea to gently scrub this area as well as the front. Ensure your jewellery is thoroughly rinsed and dried after cleaning.
Diamonds are Oleophilic meaning that they attract grease and oil easily, so it's important to keep them clean to make them look their best.
We don't recommend cleaning Pearls, Opals and certain coloured gemstones in this way so do get in touch if you have any further questions on cleaning your particular piece of jewellery.